Swapna Datar

Swapna Datar is a sincere artist who is gradually creating her own niche in the field of Hindustani Art Music as a Violinist. She presents solo Violin concerts and has also accompanied many distinguished vocalists. Swapna has equal command over both right hand and left hand techniques in Violin, which is bowing and fingering in Violin. Her Violin playing is featured with gradual unfolding of Raga with embellishments such as Meend, Gamak, Khatka, Taan, etc. syncopated with complex and interesting Tala patterns. Her performance gives a soothing and delightful experience to listeners. Swapna Datar is a loving person with a million dollar smile, and her contemplative personality reflects in her music!
Training in Music:
Swapna has received initial training of violin from Smt. Meera Patwardhan (1982 to 1985) & Pandit Atulkumar Upadhye (1987 to 1990). She started her advanced studies in violin under Pandit Vasantrao Sholikar from 1992 and this invaluable training is continued till date. Swapna is fortunate to have extensive training for advance technique of Violin playing & nuances of Raga improvisation under the able tutelage of Pandit Vasantrao Sheolikar of Bhopal for last 20 years in traditional Indian ‘Guru – Shishya’ tradition. His style of playing is influenced by Khayal Gayaki (vocal music idiom) and has a unique quality of performing in the perfect congruence with Raga and Tala. His systematic presentation of the Ragas in the classical tradition also reflects in the Violin playing of his disciple, i.e. Swapna Datar. Swapna is also blessed by eminent Violin maestro Dr. N Rajam.
Qualifications in Music:
Swapna holds degree of Bachelor in Arts: Music – violin, from Lalit Kala Kendra Gurukul, University of Pune, 1990. Later on she also did her Masters in Music from Khairagadh University, 1996.